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Whether for ambitious CEOs, entrepreneurs, or hard-working dads, men’s medical care is our priority at Tulio Health. After all, everything of value in life—your success, career and family—depends on you staying healthy. We comfortably support men’s physical, mental, and overall wellbeing, so the only sick days you take are spent on vacation.

Making You a Priority—
Men’s Health & Wellness

General Care & Coordination
Chronic Medical Illnesses
Cardiovascular & Aging Support
Cognitive Support
Life Stressors
Nutrition Planning
Changing Hormones
Body Composition
And More...

Changing the Status Quo

Men don’t always make their health a priority, which leads to premature illness and health issues later on. Here are some reasons men aren’t taking themselves to the doctor and precisely why Tulio aims to change the way men feel about engaging in their health care.¹


Avoidance - only go if they are extremely sick


Denial - “I have no reason to go”


Anxiety - the possibility of finding out what might be wrong


Comfort - prefers natural treatments


Fear - “I don’t like doctors”


Inconvenience - state they are "too busy to go"


Cost - I don’t have health insurance¹


¹ The Wall Street Journal


Adult Men Don’t Go to the Doctor ¹

Achieve Work-Life Balance—Support for the Body & Mind

Your health is your greatest asset to your life, career, and family. But the professional, male lifestyle is not always best suited for optimal health, longevity, or wellness. We’re nuanced in the stressful situations, high-calorie diets, and common chronic illnesses often caused by executive positions and high-powered salaries. Our solutions are comprehensive for the physical, emotional, and wellness issues men face, so you can enjoy the best of both your personal and professional life while feeling empowered to enjoy it.

Complete Health Assessment

It starts with a comprehensive medical assessment with full biochemical, biophysical, and nutritional exams – all comfortable.

Exclusive Care Team

Get access to a physician and health experts specialized in men’s medical needs – with unparalleled results.

Long-Term Support & Care

Our membership model is built to serve and educate for long-term healthy, positive lifestyles you can replicate yourself.

Membership Rewards

As a member, you’ll enjoy streamlined access to specialists and enhanced coordination across all aspects of your care.

Evidenced-Based Techniques

Innovative techniques are applied for men that break down barriers in addressing behavioral, emotional, weight, sexual disorders and more.

24/7 Support

Need help but not near the office? No problem. Text or video chat your physician for fast medical advice.

Medical Care Tailored to Professional Lifestyles

Tulio Health is a concierge-style medical provider for male executives, CEOs, professionals, and other men like-minded men. Our care model is designed to handle the common issues men face daily because we know how hard you work, and your health is the key to continued success. You’ve invested in your life, career, and family. Now, let us help you invest in what matters most of all—you.

24/7 Proactive Medical Services

We’re always here to offer medical services that anticipate and identify men’s health needs, providing the tools to achieve success daily with overall wellness.

Personalized “Game Plan” for Life

Our physician is devoted to your health, creating a custom plan for your future success, including programs for exercise, nutrition, supplementation, and more.

your DEVOTED, experienced Doctor

Our founder is a former special forces doctor who’s cared for soldiers and athletes over his 20+ year career in Internal Medicine and Cardiology. Now, he’s here to care for you.

Our approach is personalized and in concert with your needs. We listen as much as we advise, so our guidance makes sense for your specific health needs.
Our practice and services are built to be hassle-free because we know what men would rather focus on. Text your physician, get exclusive advice and more.
Traditional exams and visits can be uncomfortable, but we only serve men and specialize in the emotional and physical comforts needed for exams.
With proactive and customized care, we improve men’s overall health to reduce long-term care costs and add value with every visit

No Stress. Men’s Health Made Simple.

Our medical practice is fully dedicated to treating all the physical, mental, and emotional health issues male professionals often face—all in one place. We know your life is busy and that your brainpower is better used for work, family, or business, so we make taking care of yourself simple. Plus, we take most major health plans so that you can use work benefits.

Contact us to meet with the leading physician for executives and other professionally-inclined men.