Transforming Patient Outcomes

Our board-certified Health and Wellness Coaches are one of the many added benefits to being a Member of Tulio Health.  Our coaches partner with members to help empower them to take an active role in their health journey. We ensure a personalized client-centered approach to support enhancing overall health and well-being.

Our coaches are your partner throughout the entire year, guiding you the whole way toward your health goals. They work with you and your doctor to create a personalized health and wellness plan based on your health history, lifestyle, and future wellness goals. They will show you how to remove any barriers that have kept you stuck and how to make simple but necessary changes to attain optimal results.

Coaching Framework


Functional Lab Work Analysis with Recommendations


Assessing All Dimensions of Health


Short and Long Term Goal Setting


Building Upon the Strengths of the Client


On-going Connection for Accountability & Support

Coaching Package

Our goal is to take the information we have from our comprehensive assessments and help our clients identify areas of risk so that they can actively work on removing any barriers that may be in the way of optimal health. By taking a personalized approach with each individual, our coaches have the opportunity to touch on all areas of personal health (physical, emotional, social, and intellectual) and encourage positive behavior change.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Intake
Detailed Analyses of Lab Work
In-Depth Functional Health Report
6 Health and Wellness Coaching Sessions
(please note that Tulio Members have unlimited sessions)
Personalized Health Improvement Plan

Ready to Get Started?

Experience comfortable, convenient, and high-quality healthcare that men can rely on. We know taking care of yourself is the last thing you think about, so let it be our focus to help you lead a healthier lifestyle—all on your own terms.

  • Detailed History Upfront
  • In-Person Physician Visit
  • Health Coach Review
  • Game Plan for Life Delivered

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