Protect Your Career’s Best Asset—Your Health

As a professional man, your career always comes first. But hard work takes its toll, and the executive lifestyle can be unkind to your health. Put stock in what matters most with comprehensive medical care made for you from a personal physician devoted to your health, available on your terms, 24/7/365. Let us help you protect the greatest asset to your life, career, and continued success—you.

Medical Care

Screening &

Nutritional Assessment

Custom Game Plan for Life

Proactive & Preventative health care
Diagnosis, Therapy, & Treatment
Ongoing Goal Setting & Monitoring

Personalized Medical Care at Your Fingertips

We know your life is busy and that your brainpower is better used for business, so we make taking care of yourself simple. With preventative and proactive health services, we help you reduce the risk of developing disease as well as ensure you’re able to get back on your feet quickly after sickness, so you never miss anything important.

Convenient Health Testing & Screening for Your Needs

For high-powered men, sitting in stressful meetings, long nights of traveling, and, unfortunately, poor diets are all too prevalent, often leading to health conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, or hormone imbalances. Our dedicated physician understands these challenges you face daily at work and in life. We offer complete medical screening and testing to help determine the personal issue you face and provide the best pathway forward for treatment.

Digital Cardiovascular Screenings
Genetic & metabolic Screenings
Cardiopulmonary Exercise & Pulmonary Function testing
Nutritional assessments & MEAL coaching
Comfortable Consultations & advising
Travel Health Planning & Support

Virtual Coaching & Assessments for Global Lifestyles

Men in top-tier professional positions managing Fortune 500 companies can’t always leave schedule doctor’s appointments around meetings. That’s why Tulio Health offers a way for you to always reach your personal physician via phone, call, text or virtual appointment, whenever and wherever life leads you. Whether you’re on an international business trip or away on family vacation, our doctor is always within reach to answer questions or offer service.

Achieve Health & Confidence with a Game Plan for Life

Stay active, healthy, and on your feet for years to come. We account for all the services professional men need to combat life changes and handle health transitions with ease with our in-depth, custom, and complete Game Plans for Life. Let our personal physician customize, deliver, and refine your comprehensive Game Plan, including supplement suggestions, meal coaching, and more medical advisement for your specific health goals.

In-depth Game Plan for Life delivered
Holistic, complementary health services
Support & advisement from your personal physician

A Personal Physician, Focused on You & Invested in Your Health—Wherever Life Leads

Choose a personal physician who gets to know you deeply and invests in your health as you invest in your career. Executive health care is our specialty and priority. Our practice is fully dedicated to treating all the physical, mental, and emotional health issues male professionals often face—all in one place. Let’s grow the value of your life’s most significant asset and create a future of optimal health and long-lived professional success!


Led by a former U.S. Army Special Operations Physician, our care team deeply understands the nuances of your stressful, demanding work conditions and can customize treatment based on your personal needs.

24/7 Support—Virtual & in-person

Our 24/7 communication means we’re always here when you need us. So you’re never caught off guard and the only sick days you take are for vacation! Text or video chat with your physician for fast medical advice in between meetings.

Prioritizing Professionals

With comfortable, convenient, cost-effective medical care tailor-made for executive lifestyles, we make it easy for professional men to stay healthy on their terms (and schedules) without even having to think about it.

Put Your Benefits to Work

Take advantage of your company’s health insurance and put it to good use at Tulio Health. We accept the following insurance plans. Don’t see yours listed? Give us a call to confirm.

  • IBC

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