Concierge Style Care

Begin Your Journey to a Healthier Lifestyle

As a comprehensive care provider, we can meet all of your primary healthcare needs, but we can also bridge the gap between where you are and where you want to be. Our multidisciplinary approach will provide you with the necessary tools and resources so that you may achieve long-last results and live your healthiest life yet.

It all starts with an in-depth, no-obligation consultation with one of our Tulio Health physicians. We will assess your everyday lifestyle, behaviors, stressors, and finally, your health history from childhood to current, along with your family’s health history. After that, you can choose to engage as a member for additional benefits.

We know genetics play a significant role in a man’s health and development, but we also know with positive behavior modifications and a commitment to your health, change IS POSSIBLE! Learn about the rest of our healthcare process and start your journey toward a healthier lifestyle with Tulio Health.

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no-obligation consultation

All new patients start with an initial no-obligation consultation with a full review of their health history and future risks.

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enjoy the benefits of membership

You can choose to engage with us as a member (or not). Members enjoy reduced medical fees and other benefits.

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Male health assessment

A comprehensive set of tests including assessments, lab work, fitness testing, and imaging to take a 360-degree view of your medical, biophysical, and psychosocial wellness.

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health and wellness advisor

Consult with our certified health and life coaches who can work with you and your doctor to create a customized plan based on your health history, lifestyle, and goals.

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exclusive benefits

As a Tulio Health member, you will have enhanced access to your physician and care team whenever you need them via phone and video chat.  You will also have access to discounts on a host of other health care services.

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long-term “Game plan”

We make it easy to commit to a lifetime of health and wellness with personalized “game plans” for success we help you implement.

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It all starts with an in-person, no-obligation consultation with a physician. We will review and discuss your history and current medical conditions, any psychological stressors, your visions and goals for your future health, and ways in which simple lifestyle changes can prevent or stop the progression of disease and illness. This also provides us with a high-level review of your current health and future risk for disease or sickness. We offer this consultation for all new patients regardless of membership.

Focused physical exam with body composition analysis
A high-level overview of your health status
$250 for members & non-members

Become a Member

After your consultation, you may become a client member of Tulio Health with a yearly fee of $3,000 plus member benefits including a 50% reduction in fees not covered by insurance.  (Yearly fee can be paid in quarterly installments.)

Annual Comprehensive Male Assessment Included
24/7/365 physician access
High value, low cost testing & specialty care access
A Custom Health and Wellness Coaching Plan

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step 3


Comprehensive Male Assessment

We will start with a simple exercise test to best gauge your cardio-respiratory fitness level. Then we will proceed with a complete diagnostic workup, including a full panel of bloodwork to assess your physiology, chemistries, hormones, and markers of systemic inflammation. We also perform a digital screening exam to look at heart and blood vessel structure and function.

Comprehensive Health and Wellness Screening
Exercise tests to gauge your fitness
Complete diagnostic workup & bloodwork
Digital screening exam for cardiac health

Consult With Your Health Coach

Our coaching program is one of the many added benefits to being a Member of Tulio Health. Our health and life coaches are your partner throughout the entire year, guiding you the whole way toward your health goals. They work with you and your doctor to create a personalized health and wellness plan based on your health history, lifestyle, and future wellness goals. They will show you how to remove any barriers that have kept you stuck and how to make simple but necessary changes to attain optimal results.

Free 30 and 60-minute monthly sessions
Regular messaging to keep you motivated
Coaching program & goal monitoring

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Specific Member Benefits

As a client member, you will have access to your physician and care team whenever you need them. We offer longitudinal medical care, diagnosis and management of new medical problems, and long-term health and wellness support. We don’t stop there, though. Through the Tulio Health network, we make sure you are in great hands and coordinate with any other providers you see to ensure continuity of care.

Access to your Physician 24/7 through their personal text/phone/email
Proactive coordination with other specialists as needed: surgeons, ER doctors, etc.
Access to discounted prices on health and wellness supplements, as well as medications dispensed directly from our office, saving you money and time.

Commit to Your
“Game Plan for Life”

Commit to a lifetime of health and wellness with Tulio Health. The Tulio Healthcare team will create a personalized health and wellness “game plan” for life just for you. This plan outlines the steps and goals you need to maintain your ideal healthy lifestyle. Get your game plan for life when you partner with Tulio on your journey towards a future of optimal medical, physical, and psychological health.

Empowering changes toward a healthier life
Proactive goal setting & monitoring
Monthly progress reports with metrics

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Ready to Get Started?

Experience comfortable, convenient, and high-quality healthcare that men can rely on. We know taking care of yourself is the last thing you think about, so let it be our focus to help you lead a healthier lifestyle—all on your own terms.

  • Detailed History Upfront
  • In-Person Physician Visit
  • Health Coach Review
  • Game Plan for Life Delivered

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