A Holistic, Integrative,
and Personalized Approach to
Cardiovascular Care

Led by a Board-Certified Cardiovascular Disease Specialist, we integrate support for healthy lifestyle changes with evidence based medical therapy.  You can greatly reduce your risk by partnering with a team of experts to assess, diagnose, and manage your risk factors and cardiovascular conditions.

Cardiovascular services directed by a board-certified Cardiovascular Disease Specialist

Management of common cardiovascular conditions
Prevention of heart disease, vascular disease, and diabetes
Outpatient cardiac monitoring
Stress testing
Cardiovascular Ultrasound
Sport Participation Assessments
Compressive nutrition education and support
Exercise assessment and prescriptions

At Tulio, we are committed to providing guidance and support for patients to adopt and sustain the healthy lifestyle behaviors, which are the true foundations for achieving optimal cardiovascular health and general wellness.


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Dr. Strimel was very good with me. Everything about my heart was addressed; all questions were answered. I was very impressed with his care of me.


Heart Care for High-Powered Lives

Let’s face it; most of us live exciting, stressful lives full of inconsistent diets and health habits. We specialize in heart issues, both chronic and immediate, that if often met due to lifestyle choices. We will not only help you improve your heart health but create a plan with strategies to live better day-to-day. So, whether it’s cutting back on free lunches at work or getting in more exercise with family, we can help keep your heart strong for long-lived personal and professional success.

Accepting New Patients

Experience comfortable, convenient, and high-quality healthcare that men can rely on. We know taking care of yourself is the last thing you think about, so let it be our focus to help you lead a healthier lifestyle—all on your own terms.

  • Detailed History Upfront
  • In-Person Physician Visit
  • Health Coach Review
  • Game Plan for Life Delivered

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